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Sensual doctrines that holds more-so to a worldview of apostasy.


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Adam is called son of God. There is only one other Son of God in the Bible: Jesus Christ. Yet, we are called in His name.

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Bye the Way

- the monster mash -

Sadly the underworld voices of chaos are making inroads nowadays. An unscrupulous mores that would appear as a mixed-bag of opinions for today’s self-justified person. As the world awaits the great deceiver and false prophet, as foretold in the scriptures. An arrogant upstart that would introduce a semblance of ideologies. And suddenly, the demons of anarchism would change their motives to accentuate those attributes of this charismatic entity. As this diabolical leader is given the power of persuasion that would also bring unity to the apostate church. A continuation of many spirit-less religious institutions that are all too prevalent today. The mishmash of sensual doctrines that holds more-so to a worldview of apostasy and everything else.

- a graveyard smash -