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The King's kids of royal assent

the beauty of a Spirit-led walk of faith by looking upward and not sideways

- gospel ready -

Yeshua in the temple among the teachers. And all those who heard Him were astounded at His understanding and answers.

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Spirit and truth
- the inherent nature -

The ability to enter into Abba God's presence is not reserved for special or gifted people. Thereby, it is questionable that so many would skip this quality time and substitute it by trusting solely on the Bible and missions work as the only source of inspiration. The inherent nature or quiddity of God is turned on auto-pilot as a paint-by-number scripture reading without the agape fellowship of the Spirit and truth. The teaching model and programs of this world have stripped away the spiritual life as seen in the apostolic days. The true source of our inspiration should be Jesus, the Christ. The ideal way is to abide Spiritually alive and well as Sons and Daughters. The early apostolic community were Spirit-led with only a few fragments of scripture.

- the way of faith -