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A Slide Rule

It seems more so plausible and pretentious for people to dodge the subject of morality or accountability these days. It's like the goal post has been moved to accommodate personal attitudes or lifestyles. And to the chagrin ...


Gospel Insight

Salvation and faith in Jesus Christ is a necessary first step towards regaining our rightful place in the family of God. We've been endowed with a life giving spirit and the right to fellowship with the Lord God. So it was ...


Starting Again

The gospel message is the story of God's love and kindness, which is a second opportunity on starting again. But before we begin, it may be helpful to share the good news "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son ...

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Guiding light

A few months ago, this message about listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit was burning in my soul. It was becoming progressively apparent that church decisions are coloured or intermixed with some Bible truth and worldly ...

A Super Hero

Could this be the latest movie craze from Hollywood with the 3D effects so real or another reality — when a super hero comes to save the planet and puts a spin on the situation! A startling event of so many people missing ...

Homeward Bound

Once upon a time, a ship sailed effortlessly on the river of life. It was a festive sight with fireworks and the many sounds of laughter that danced through the twilight. And the many perks indulged the socialite with ...