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Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Joshua.

Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Jesus.

The Lord Is Conqueror



A Slide Rule

It seems more so plausible and pretentious for people to dodge the subject of morality or accountability these days. It's like the goal post has been moved to accommodate personal attitudes or lifestyles. And to the chagrin of these people, the human soul is wired with a conscience. Therefore in an effort to conceal these short comings and misgivings, a make-believe measuring stick (slide rule) is developed to lessen and justify the inner cry. A quick-witted cynicism, mockery or sarcasm about denouncing sin is used to playoff ones immorality and thereby sidestep reality for another day. Moreover, it's easier and convenient to jest or jokingly slip in a witticism about someone else that would strengthen ones personal charm or skip the issue. A sickness that has become more acute in this modern society.

The lifestyle of many Christians have developed around these misconceptions like a building block of moral decay. The golden rule has become a fuzzy interpretation which doesn't measure up to God's plumb-line. Too many of God's children have stretched the boundaries of salvation to satisfy personal ideals. They have replaced God's Spirit and guidance with a set of routines and programs at church and adopted a worldly culture of family values. If the Holy Spirit were to step aside for a season at your church, would any of the programs be discontinued or has it become a daily routine that doesn't require God's anointing. May our prayer and observance be a time of listening and embrace forgiveness through His mercy tonight.

This self-seeking (me-generation) culture does sadden God's heart. The invitation to enter eternity before the tribulation hour shall be a missed opportunity for many people. To use a parable: I may have an invitation to a banquet and left behind at departure time. Would quote a popular "once saved..." slogan and show you the ticket (certificate of baptism) and still miss the airplane (rapture) by not being present at the airport (fellowship of the Spirit). Our communion with God according to His plumb-line is the true test of fellowship and discipleship. It is God's heart to welcome and encourage us through Jesus: the atonement and sanctification of our salvation. The hope of glory ... in the splendour of His sweet presence.

As in the Garden of Eden — Jesus extends His heart in fellowship through faith, hope and agape love. This is the unalloyed message as witnessed by the Holy Spirit in a person's life and therefore, sealed by God's anointing. The mystery of godliness is an ability of regular or average people to move mountains, so to speak. The inimitable ideal is for people to be themselves (untangled) and thereby excel (transcend) beyond human expectations: as we yield to His amiable aspirations, enlightenment and experience spiritual dynamics. A wondrous working power of God's majesty and affable heartbeat of eternal blessings for each and everyone of us — the song of songs. The genesis (alpha) and endless (omega) adventure: a stellar quest.

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For we walk by faith, not by sight.


God's voice (rhema) sounds like flowing, spontaneous thoughts that light upon our mind (John 7:37-39). The Holy Spirit is sensed as a river that flows within.


Hebrew word translated prophecy; it means bubbling up. So when I want to prophesy, I see Jesus present in the situation (Acts 2:25; Ps. 16:8), ask for His thoughts and speak forth the thoughts and words that are bubbling up within me.


Hebrew word translated intercession, God's voice leading me in prayer. The literal definition is to strike or light upon by chance, or an accidental intersecting. Spirit-led intercession is sensed as spontaneous thoughts that light upon my mind while I am praying. I honour these thoughts as they have been sent by God. So I fix my eyes upon Jesus and pray, being guided by the flow (Heb. 12:1-2; John 7:37-39).