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Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Joshua.

Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Jesus.

The Lord Is Healer

This is a day when the Church of Jesus Christ needs to "stand up and be counted" in the power of the Holy Spirit.


We have a Message that this world desperately needs. A genuine God given ability on doing things according to His righteousness. The everlasting gospel message and hope of glory.



Apple of Sorts

The early beginning of humanity and progression of civilization is written in the book of Genesis. We're given some details about the garden of Eden and subtle hints of a supernatural conflict from an unseen entity. It seems that God's creation was being protected by the Watchers as noted by Enoch in his manuscripts. The account of these events and subsequent turn that sidelined our existence into mere humanity has some fascinating choreography, which is considered legendary mythology. This cosmic struggle could of been wiped clean with a stroke of God's hand and thankfully, we serve a God who stayed true to His creation. A shroud of secrecy has hidden this chapter from the general public and may be a topic for future exploration.

It seems that the land title to planet earth was given to Adam and by a misguided act of idiocy: was traded for an apple of sorts. The tree of knowledge of good and evil may have been planted by Satan or Nachash (serpent) for this purpose and therefore disallowed as edible fruit. This act of disobedience has plagued mankind and was not remedied until Christ, Yeshua (Jesus) died on the cross for our sins. The miracle of this triumphant event was witnessed by the apostles and bystanders when he rose again and ascended into heaven. The usurper of planet earth was given public notice that creation was restored into God's rightful hand. A grace period before a complete restoration of events was allowed, which provided an opportune time to share the message of God's kingdom and family entitlements.

I have read from ancient manuscripts that the devil was given some of the imprisoned (fallen) angels to continue the deception for a limited season. They are under strict control and used to weed out the unrepentant. This is the unseen world of the supernatural and evident by the signs of evil still present in this galaxy. They have a mandate to bring about the apocalypse and are subverting society with their techno gadgetry, genetic engineering and other diabolical schemes. The star-gate for their return — as in the days of Noah — is eerily approaching the midnight hour. They present many theories and dimensions of space and time to explain away the creation story. They would entice our imagination with time travel and portals of existence from early explorations of our so-called ancestors. And in the spirit of keeping this message simple, we will let the techniques of eternity remain a matter of faith.

Could this be the latest movie craze from Hollywood with 3D effects or a techno dream of real proportions: when the hero "an antichrist" comes to save the planet and puts a telltale spin on the disappearance of so many Christians. And suddenly, this world will be turned into turmoil by the news of so many missing people from this planet and the already fragile economy will go into a tailspin. So once again, it's a superhero story, alien invasion or reality show in vampire deadly colour. A cleverly disguised and illusional jester who'd appeal to the wild side of people, while hiding the sinister and violent face of evil for another day. But let's not carry on with this diabolical story of despair and move on to the promise of God's salvation as foretold by the prophets.

The story of hope is "out of this world," as the saying goes. The reality and beauty of heaven may seem like a distant dream or wonderful vision by most of us. Sure, we're able to look into the sky and see the aurora borealis or australis. But truthfully, this idea of traveling about in the heavenly constellations is only a dream or science fiction for people without faith. Whereby, the vision of astounding beauty is the majesty of God almighty. And it is from this place that the Son of God came to us with the everlasting gospel of peace. The hallelujah message was personally delivered through the loving kindness of God's mercy. This wonderful act is the only way of deliverance and atonement from this world of sin. Thus, the dream of soaring through eternity amidst the heavenly stars is a gift of immeasurable importance and speaks of God's benevolence.

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For we walk by faith, not by sight.

The world is quickly moving towards an end-time scenario. The powers and advocates of this deception are allowed to entice and entrap lost souls — to weed out those who have neglected or rejected the way of salvation.

The kingpins and workers of darkness are given false reflections of greater power and prosperity in the new age. Once again, they don't realize the brevity of the tribulation hour.

There is no star gate of escape or magical potion to change their destiny of eternity lost. It will be a sad state of affairs; as the opportunity to accept God's salvation is slipping away.

Our communion with God according to His plumb-line is the true test of fellowship and discipleship.

The true source of our inspiration should be Jesus (Yeshua Ha Mashiach). The Way (promise) of His wondrous (superlative) delight as the King's kids of royal assent.