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The King's kids of royal assent

The Way (HaDerech) of God's will: nothing less, nothing more, nothing else.

- unity of sorts -


Once in the land of Shinar, the people said: Come, let us build for ourselves a great city (Babylon) and tower that ascends into the sky.

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The Bible is clear that Christ, Jesus will not tolerate any compromise with regard to his standard of holiness. God is holy and has purposed before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and blameless before Him. Once again, we need to see that this is an eternal and unswerving truth that applies with Christianity today as always. We have conveniently repackaged God so as to make him user friendly. Society has elbowed his integrity aside by the new happy face model who always smiles approvingly at whatever we say or do. Peter warns us that false teachers will creep in secretly and thereby, deny the Master who bought them and replace Him with other things. The will of God: nothing less, nothing more, nothing else.

- or subtle spiral, eh? -